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Company services:

In 1, the product warranty for one year, life-long repair service;

2, free to customers operating personnel to conduct technical training;

3, strictly by appointment time on-site service, guarantee the normal use of mechanical equipment

In order to provide sound and thoughtful service, remove the customer's any menace from the "rear". Our company has perfect after sale service system and efficient after sale service measures, and opened a dedicated customer service hotline, to provide users with satisfactory answers to the questions and technical support; and a customer service services, to customers regularly visit. The company currently has more than 10 professional customer service engineer as a strong customer service after sale service team, for your service to provide protection. Our company is to make you the following repair service, and in accordance with the service commitment to provide repair services.

One, the machine one year limited warranty

Since the date of purchase ( in a formal purchase date), machine free warranty for one year.

Two, customer service process

In1, machine installation and debugging after the success of Yumoto, the company technical staff of your company's operation of the technical staff training, your operator for some basic principles to grasp, to master the operation method, according to the training of technical staff legitimate operation to operate machinery, the division will have a professional customer service Engineer in charge of technology tracking service service, regularly tracking machine use. The machine was impaired after you can call our dedicated customer service hotline: 020-34090302mobile phone:13826456075or notify us in writing after sale services, we received notification within 1 hours of the first telephone contact with you, understand the detailed fault reason, and determining repair time.

In 2, after sale service engineer onsite repair, first on the machine to do a detailed inspection, then introduce you to a fault, and then repair, machine repair after you confirm the repair after the completion of the after sale service operating table to sign determination.

Three, on-site repair time

The area within 24 hours of home repair, areas outside the province within 4 working days to repair.

Four, waiver warranty obligations

For the following reasons leading to the machine fault, abnormal work or damaged, we do not assume the free warranty obligations, please choose paid services.

1, when you machine beyond the warranty period;

2, you did not follow requirements of the specification the use and maintenance of the machine or the artificial damage;

3, natural disasters and other force majeure (such as earthquake, fire and other reasons ).