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Sealing and cutting machine fuse fuse
Hits: 3619    Updated: 2012/6/9

Cutting machine closure fuse fuse DBF-900type multifunctional plastic film continuous sealing and cutting machine main motor from Shanghai and Shanghai Dragon Motor Company Limited production, the motor 's main role is to drive the gear box and parts of gear transmission. Sometimes the sealing and cutting machine for a startup, will issue a " squeak" sound, not functioning properly, or even on a live wire fuse phenomenon. Exclude this fault should first check if the power supply is normal, and then cut off the power supply, with the resistance profile check the switch is damaged, also should check whether the line and motor short circuit. Usually short motor, winding burned-out or broken, a boot seal cutting machine, the fuse will fuse. The occurrence of this sealing and cutting machine fault is another reason to fuse size is too small, the corresponding increase in the specification, the problem would be solved.