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Three sides sealing bag vacuum packaging machine characteristics
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Three side sealing bag vacuum packaging machine characteristics

Recently, a British company developed a three side sealing bagvacuum packaging machinery and equipment, has been put on the market. Three side sealing bag making machine adopts a new design of multi function unit, can be set in the size range, so that the bag production efficiency up to250 per minute.

This set of multi function vacuum packaging machine so that the bag size conversion time shrinks to the utmost limit, bag-making machine transmission department so that the mechanical transmission gear shaft and the turntable for optical fiber cable control, and is provided with a flexible rubber grip transmitter will pocket the transfer to a new design of rotary table, so that the pocket with90 degrees rotation, thus completing the three side sealing of the whole process. China's vacuum packaging machine the prosperity of commodity economy and the lives of the people level progress, food packaging machine packaging technology the prospect is optimistic.