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DZK-500/2SL Lap sealed vacuum packaging machine
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Product Description:

 First, the features:

1, the models chamber cavity platform can be adjusted within the range of 0 ~ 90 °, applies to brick-type packaging of rice, yeast, etc., and also applicable to a packaging machine of the fluid powder items. Packed into a brick-shaped mold reprovision.
2, the machine is made ​​of stainless steel cover plate made ​​of 304 stainless steel.
3, can be pre-programmed prior to packaging technology parameters.
Work simply press the vacuum chamber cover can automatically complete the whole process of vacuum packaging.
Second, the product uses:
        Rice, yeast, meat, pickles products, seafood, frozen products, medical supplies, chemicals, precious metals, clothing, metal instruments, electronic components, mountain vegetables, food bacteria, export vacuum products adapted to various vacuum packaging of solid, powder, semiliquid, liquid, to reach oxygen barrier, fresh, moisture, insects, and to extend the shelf life of the product shelf life.
      Third, the main technical parameters:
Model DZK-500/2SL
Vacuum chamber size of 500 × 480 × 120mm
Sealing size 500mm
Packaging capacity of 180 to 300 beats / hour
Machine weight 180KG
Power 220V/50HZ or 380V/50HZ 2.2KW
Dimensions 1300 × 250 × 1100mm
Fourth, the technical characteristics:
4, this series machine has a vacuum seal, print in one function (printed retention period, the date of manufacture, serial number, etc.)
5, the whole stainless steel structure, the vacuum chamber surface polished, fully enclosed, axial cooling, corrosion-resistant for harsh environments, long continuity of use with high stability.
Bottom with casters, can move freely