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DZD-400 / S vacuum packaging machine
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Product Description:

 First, the features:

Vacuum packaging machine with vacuuming, sealing, printing, and other functions, and can be a one-time consecutive completion of the above action, suitable for vacuum packaging of food, medicine, aquatic products, chemical raw materials and other products, has to prevent product oxidation mildew, corrosion moistureproof extend product shelf life role.
The company provides a variety of specifications of the single-chamber, dual chamber vacuum packaging machine, and provides special (non-standard) models with customized services.
Second, the main technical parameters:
Model DZD-400 / S DZD-500 / S
Power supply voltage 110V/220V 50Hz 110V/220V 50Hz
0.75Kw 900W power pump power
Sealing power (> 5S) 0.8 Kw 1.2 Kw
≤ 1kpa 1kpa lowest absolute pressure of the vacuum chamber
The effective size of the heat seal 400 × 10mm 500 × 10mm
Vacuum pump displacement 20m3 / h 20m3 / h
Packaging speed from 1 to 3 times / min or 1 to 3 times / min
Vacuum form and material of stainless steel vacuum chamber stainless steel vacuum chamber
The size of the vacuum chamber (L × W × H) 420 × 430 × 120mm 520 × 520 × 120mm
Dimensions (L × W × H) 535 × 485 × 970mm 650 × 580 × 1000mm
Packing size (L × W × H) 670 × 620 × 1080mm 750 × 670 × 1080mm
Weight 90KG 102KG
Open form of the models for the economic, easy to move, packing effect, low energy consumption perspective cover, all stainless steel material.
Apply to the store counter window business use laboratory and small, the use of a small amount of product packaging.